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Public Bikes in Europe: Bikes-to-go are looking pretty good

Almost all of the 40 public bicycle hire schemes in this first-time comparison of schemes in cities throughout Europe offer their bikes at permanent rental stations in their area. But that’s were the similarities end. With such a diverse range of offers, differences in quality have to be expected. This becomes obvious as soon as […]

Risks of Not Testing Products Properly Before Launch

Life is full of risks, but with careful planning and strategic testing, there are ways to mitigate those risks. The job of product testers hinges solely on risk mitigation; insufficient product testing (or a complete lack thereof) increases the chance of complications, stakeholder disapproval, and bad consumer experiences. Product testing is, therefore, a top priority […]

First Aid in Europe: Many want to help, but few know how

You are driving along a quiet road. Suddenly a car comes into sight – wheels up in the air, by the side of the road. The occupants are injured. What do you do? Stop and help, of course. But how? This is a crucial issue because: Nearly two thirds of all European car drivers feel […]

Carparks in Europe : Far from perfect

Many of the 60 parking garages tested under the EuroTest consumer protection programme in 15 major European cities did not present themselves in a very good light. Bottom line: Not a single one was rated very good, only ten test candidates rated good, 39 achieved a meagre acceptable rating, nine were considered poor by the […]

Safety of roll-on roll-off passenger ferries

EuroTest has just launched the results of a survey of 18 passenger ferries connecting 36 European and North African cities. Overall, the ferries met all safety requirements, but rarely were passengers clearly informed about on-board safety instructions. The safety facilities on each ferry were rated on a series of criteria to be “very good”, “good”, […]

Incidental Expresesin City Breaks

EuroTest warns travellers to consider unexpected costs in their travel budgets While travel and accommodation prices are relatively easy to calculate from home, EuroTest warns that it is sometimes the unexpected costs during a holiday break that can get out of hand. The latest EuroTest has made a comparison of incidental holiday expenses from 20 […]